PQ Village Relocation

October 23, 2017

Dear Resident(s):

 As you might be aware, Atlantic & Pacific Management (AP) is moving forward with proposed plans to redevelop The Village in partnership with Lennar Homes. Following project approval, construction is expected to begin next year.

A comprehensive relocation program has been developed to help ease your transition to a new home. Our goal is to provide assistance to you and to answer your questions throughout this process.

To help you find housing that meets your needs, AP will offer all residents:

  • One-on-one, onsite relocation consultation services
  • Referrals for comparable replacement housing
  • Help identifying and arranging moving services
  • Assistance with paperwork for voucher transfers, if needed
  • Translation services for multilingual residents seeking assistance
  • A minimum of 120 days’ notice prior to the need to vacate
  • Fully refunded security deposits within three business days of your move, unless needed to cover an outstanding account balance

To schedule an appointment with a relocation specialist, please call (858) 672-0300, email CustomerServiceCA@apmanagement.net, or visit the leasing office during business hours.

If you are a Section 8 Voucher holder, we are committed to helping you find replacement housing at either another AP property or a comparable property before construction begins. Additionally, you will be provided with financial assistance for moving expenses.

If you are not a voucher holder - but moved in prior to April 1, 2016 (the original date AP provided notice of its plans to redevelop the property), you will also be offered financial assistance for moving expenses and to help bridge the gap of your rent today compared to rent at your new community.

Finally, as part of the redevelopment project, AP and Lennar are committed to building 60 new affordable apartment units onsite, in addition to another 540 market-rate homes and apartments. As an existing resident of The Village, you will be offered priority access to these units should you wish to move back to the property once it has been redeveloped. We anticipate that date to be in early 2020.

We understand finding new housing can be complicated and we are here to assist all residents through this process however we can. Please call us at (858) 672-0300 if you have any questions and visit www.PQVillageRelocation.com for more information on relocation assistance. For your convenience, complimentary computers and internet access are available at the leasing office during business hours.

We are committed to you and want to make the relocation process as easy as possible. We look forward to helping you.

Thank you.

Pacific Village Under Development Review

Pacific Village is a new 41.5-acre, 600-home new-home infill community that will provide ownership and rental opportunities for middle-class San Diego families near jobs and transportation. Consistent with the Rancho Penesquitos Community Plan Pacific Village helps achieve San Diego’s goal of creating more quality housing for the City’s middle-class families.

AP and Lennar are committed to building 60 new affordable apartment units onsite, in addition to another 540 market-rate homes and apartments. Existing residents of The Village will be offered priority access to the interest list should they wish to move back to the property once it has been redeveloped. The for-sale neighborhoods will feature 99 single family detached homes, 105 two-story attached triplex homes, and 120 three-story attached townhomes. The for-sale homes will range in size from 1,324 sqft to 2,034 sqft, and will have 2 to 4 bedrooms.  Additionally, the apartment homes will feature 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes, ranging in size from 607 sqft to 1,533 sqft.

Pacific Village residents will enjoy two community centers with a range of amenities such as swimming pools and play areas, as well as dog parks and community gathering places.  Nearby residents will benefit from enhanced landscaping, the preservation of mature shade trees along Carmel Mountain Road, and new walking and biking paths. In addition, as part of Pacific Village, a new traffic signal will be added to Carmel Mountain Road.

All of the proposed homes will comply with the latest building codes with enhanced energy saving features. Homes will have solar paneled roofs and will be capable of accommodating electric vehicles and charging stations.

Disclaimer: The PQ Village Relocation Program is predicated on the review and FINAL approval of The Pacific Village Development by all applicable agencies.

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